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My Story BEFORE The Story ~ A Familiar Spirit ~ in ~ CAST OUT: Chronicles of a Familiar Spirit ~ Ivani Greppi

As a familiar spirit, a demon, perhaps an imp, as some may choose to label me, my authority and control over generations of Branca’s family tree have been my lot for decades, spanning throughout three continents.

Just as a numerous company of rebel angels, I was given authority over bloodlines for multiple millennia. This is how we serve the rulers and principalities, the underworld’s gods, the spiritual forces, and dominions of this dark world.

It is our cup. Our portion. Our inheritance. Our pleasure to deceive and crush these mongrels made of flesh and spirit. To cause suffering. For them never to see the light of life and be satisfied. To blind the unbelieving ones’ minds, so the light of the Son may not dawn on them.

That is until an impertinent preacher man arrived on the scene attempting to usurp my power over these miserable immigrants assigned to me.

Did he show them a way out of their spiritual stupor?

Did his “weapons” strike terror in my heart?

Did he teach Branca and her family that the Son rises over those who have faith?

Did they learn that when the Son radiates His light, I must flee?

Has not this story been written for thousands of years?

What has been will be again; there is nothing new under the sun.

Now is there?                                                                   

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My Story Title:   CAST OUT: Chronicles of a Familiar Spirit

My Story Genre:  Christian Fiction/ Historical

My Story Releases:   May 21. 2021

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The Author of My Story:    Ivani Greppi

Ivani Greppi was born in Brazil. Her ancestors were spiritist mediums. Throughout her childhood, Ivani experienced seeing spirits. At the age of 14, while living in Brazil, she was indoctrinated into Umbanda, a spiritual practice derived from the African Yoruba, Ifá faith, syncretized with spiritism and Roman Catholicism.

In 1997, she met a Brazilian missionary pastor in Florida who led Ivani and her family to salvation in Jesus Christ. This fictional story is based on Ivani’s and her ancestors’ spiritual and immigration journey across three continents, spanning one hundred years.

Thursday, July 22, 2021

My Story BEFORE The Story ~ Jade Pepperdine ~ in ~ Journey To Chi Yah

Hey everybody. Jade Pepperdine here. I guess I’m supposed to tell you about myself before Journey To ChīYah, even though it’s embarrassing. But if that’s what Joy wants, here goes.

I’m 34 and live in small-town-nowhere-you’ve-ever-heard-of. I’m named after my great-aunt Jade Edith Pepperdine, and I’ve always hated my name, especially since my mother has a tendency to taunt me for being ‘Jaded.’ Usually, I just roll my eyes when she spits out her favorite Momism, but she can be quite annoying.

So, what can I tell you about me? I’m actually pretty unremarkable. Kinda basic, plain, and a tad rotund (need to deal with THAT one someday) but it’s all good. For real. It doesn’t bother me nearly as much as it used to—okay, getting ahead of myself here...

I grew up in a basic “Pastor’s family” where everything looked all neat and tidy from the outside. There’s three of us girls (Krissie, Marie, and myself) and my brother Bill, who is known as the free-spirit that never quite fits in. I’ve always admired him. Maybe someday I’ll have the courage to pull off some of his wild antics.

My father, Gil, was a wonderful man and a great preacher. He used to test his sermons out on me, then we’d go for donuts. I miss him so much—he’s been gone five years now. Mom blamed his heart attack on consequences for his actions, but I don’t agree. Oh sure, he made some mistakes. Okay, pretty major mistakes, having an affair with his secretary and all, but Mom must have missed the sermons Daddy did on grace. Her constant harping at him had to wear him down—he could do nothing right in her eyes. Do I blame her for Daddy’s death? Strangely enough, no, just seeing the facts a bit clearer these days. There I go again... getting ahead of myself.

Then there’s Mom. Louisa Jean Pepperdine. She’s been a sore subject for me. She’s still the same, with her ‘perfect religious lady’ appearance, sharp tongue, and critical barbs that hurt like bee stings.

Growing up in the Pepperdine home left me wounded enough that I made a run for it… right into the arms of an abusive alcoholic that I married at nineteen. Talk about jumping from one hot mess to another. Fortunately, I figured out pretty early on that my marriage to Daniel would not end well, and I got out before he could add too much damage to my already-fragile psyche.

I work at a library and live in a tiny little gal’s house with my Shih Tzu, Prince, who I adore. I might have rescued him, but he certainly rescued me and takes the place of most humans. My circle of friends is small, since I prefer to keep to myself. If I had to guess, it’s because relationships are risky and I’ve been burned a lot.

Being my friend isn’t always easy. I can be a little high maintenance. It’s hard to deal with my control-freak tendencies, snarky crankiness that gets the best of me sometimes, and the fall-out from a fear-fueled life. My reaction time to button-pushing, my feelings so vulnerable to pain, and my temper at the edge of explosion most of the time, became my way of life.

As you might’ve guessed, Journey to ChīYah is about my travels, and those weren’t exactly a Disney vacation—trust me on that. I got stuck there after an unexpected crisis... okay. Enough said, or I’ll tell you THE STORY.... That, you’ll just have to read... for yourself... soon in Journey to ChīYah.

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My Story Title:  Journey to ChiYah

My Story Genre:  Fantasy/Allegory

My Story Released: July 1, 2021

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The Author of My Story:   Kimberly Russell

Kimberly Russell lives in a tiny house in southern lower Michigan with Toby, the Shih Tzu, who allows her to be his roommate. Retired for four years, Kim’s 30 year day job was that of civil servant in the Michigan Department of Corrections at the local prison complex as the Warden’s Secretary.

Kim began writing in 2009 after she joined an on-line writing community called FaithWriters and regularly participated in their weekly writing challenge. High-ranking finishes led to publication in the 2015 & 2017 FaithWriters anthologies. She branched out and authored a column for entertainment publication, Frank Talk, and has been published in Dog Life Magazine. Her first full-length novel is Christian Fantasy, Journey to ChīYah, which released July 1, 2021.

When not hanging out in her favorite place on earth—the She Shed—and creating literary magic, Kim is a pickleball fiend, playing several times a week. She also loves to read, enjoys a somewhat mediocre golf game, and is a tech geek.

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