Thursday, May 27, 2021

Our Story BEFORE The Story - Nigel and Darcy – STEALING THE FIRST MATE - by - Tabitha Bouldin

I’m Nigel Jones, and I work as a pirate for a Christian-themed boat tour company that’s owned by Edward Riggins.

That’s my dad. I’m Darcy Riggins. I work on the boat too, but not as often as Nigel.

Right, thanks for that, Darcy.

Anytime, Nigel.

Today we’ll be telling you the story behind our story. I’d rather we didn’t. It isn’t my favorite thing to discuss, but since we’ve been hauled in like a boatload of tuna, I suppose we’ve no choice. I’ve known Darcy since we were kids. The first time I saw her, we were about six years old. I fell in love with her then, but she never knew.

And whose fault is that? I always thought you were too focused on work to fall in love. Meanwhile, I ran around the islands searching for Mr. Right and he was right in front of me all along. Do you know how many nights I could have enjoyed sitting on the beach with you instead of fending off bad date after bad date?

True. But we’re getting off track. We’re telling our backstory. Not our now story.

Right. Focusing. We grew up together on Elnora Island. Spent practically every waking hour together until we graduated from high school. After that, things changed between us. I thought maybe we were growing apart. That happens to a lot of kids, even when they’re best friends, once they become adults. It wasn’t until this year that I found out the real reason. That summer after graduation, Nigel had a falling out with my dad. He hid it from me and tried to keep our friendship from developing into something more.

Well, can you blame me? Your dad is an impressive guy, especially to a scared eighteen-year-old. He made sure I knew I’d never be welcome around you if I told you what really happened. That night changed my life. I thought I’d never get to say “I love you” to anyone, much less to you.

Thank goodness we’re past all that now.

And that’s our story before the story.

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Our Story Title:   Stealing the First Mate

Our Story Genre:  Contemporary Christian Romance

Our Story Releases:   May 25, 2021
                                   Just two days ago!

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The Author of My Story:    Tabitha Bouldin

Tabitha Bouldin has a bachelor's degree in creative writing/English from Southern New Hampshire University.
She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) and has been writing since 2015.
When she's not homeschooling her kids, you'll find her curled up with a book.


Karin Beery said...

I've heard good things about this book, but I didn't realize there were pirates -- bonus!

Natalya Lakhno said...

Sounds like a FUN read! :) said...

Hi Karin!

Welcome back to Journeystojoy!

Definitely BONUS!

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Blessings, said...


Wecome back!

You're right - a FUN READ!

I'm liking the fact there's a dog involved, aren't you?