Thursday, March 11, 2021

Our Story BEFORE The Story ~ Melody Carmichael and Zeke Solomon ~ Mishaps Off the Mainland ~ by ~ Tabitha Bouldin

My name is Melody Carmichael, but everyone calls me Mel. I grew up on the Independence Islands, and there’s no other place I’d rather live. We have our own version of paradise here. I own a mobile pet grooming business called Zoomin’ Groomer. It’s a dream come true, getting to spend my days grooming pets. My truck’s a bit of a klunker though. I’m impulsive and I bought it because a friend was selling out and offered me a sweet deal. I had to call Zeke just the other day and ask him to come help me fix the generator. I’m worried I made a mistake, taking all this on. I thought the truck was God’s way of saying this is what I should do, but now I’m not so sure. On the days when it seems like everything is going wrong, I keep reminding myself that this is what I’ve always wanted. There’s nothing better than helping pets and their owners. I have a soft spot for the strays, and I spent several years working at the animal shelter, grooming animals to help them get adopted faster.

Don’t let her kid you. She still spends most of her Saturdays at the shelter. I’m Zeke Solomon, by the way. I grew up in Atlanta but came over to Merriweather Island to visit my grandmother. Well. That’s partially true. I needed to get away from the city for a while. My dad’s a bigwig in the business world. He started his own company when he was my age and now he expects me to join him in the company. That’s not me. The whole office thing. Not my style. I’m planning on opening a carpentry business and staying here on the islands, far away from Dad and the business. He keeps calling me, but I’m avoiding him. Avoiding the confrontation. I know I shouldn’t, but it’s hard to tell him no. I don’t want to disappoint him, but I can’t live that life. So I’m hiding out here on the islands, helping Mel find my grandmother’s dog, since she let it escape.

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  Our Story Title: Mishaps Off the Mainland

    Our Story Genre:  Contemporary Romance

Our Story Released:  November 24, 2020

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The Author of Our Story:   Tabitha Bouldin

Tabitha Bouldin has a bachelor's degree in creative writing/English from Southern New Hampshire University. She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) and has been writing since 2015. When she's not homeschooling her kids, you'll find her curled up with a book. Tabitha's genre of choice is Contemporary Christian Romance which she describes as: Adventure with heart.

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HeidiDruKortman said...

This sounds like just the sort of read I need. No such thing as too many dogs. said...

I'd normally agree with you, but I think our Is-A-Bella-Bindi has made this a ONE-DOG FAMILY! lol

HeidiDruKortman said...

One dog in a family is right for many of us, but many dogs in a story just makes for more fun. said...


You're right - I can think of a lot of scenarios with multiple dogs. lol

Tabitha Bouldin said...

You and Mel could be best friends! She adores dogs and fosters several when she can.

Barbara Fox said...

This sounds like a sweet story! I love dogs and love islands.

Christina Sinisi said...

What a great cover! Has all the feels. :) said...

Barbara - I KNOW, right?!

What a neat snippet these characters have given us, too.

Hugs said...

I thought the very same thing! lol

Have a blessed weekend - you're definitely in the drawing!

Marilyn R. said...

This sounds like a fun story with the pets. I enjoy pets in a story as I'm a cat lover, but I do like dogs. It's just easier with my life to have cats than a dog currently. said...

Thanks for stopping by, Marilyn.

We've had cats - and our lifestyle now should dictate that for us - but both of us have developed allergies to cat dander... Bella Bindi has some cat-like tendencies - but she's not a pet we can leave to fend for herself for a week or two while we travel. LOL

Poor thing would die of loneliness if not starvation.

Blessings, said...


You've won a signed copy of Tabitha's book!