Thursday, July 02, 2020

My Story BEFORE The Story ~ REX ARCHER ~ Sown In Peace by Joy Avery Melville

Hello. My name is Rex Archer. I'm one guy full of remorse over my treatment of my daughter, Torrent.

Oh, her given name is Victoria Kinsey Archer, but she's always been my Torrent. Her aunt, on the other hand, has always called her Victoria Kinsey. Kinsey was a family name on my wife's side. (her aunt is a character our author got so she loved to hate) Anyway, I prefer to keep with the name I chose for my Torrent, 'cause you see, my girl's gone through life in a Torrential kind of way.

She's my only child... straight-A student... A driven young adult, went into the Army... worked her way up... and volunteered for deployment to Afghanistan four times. It was that last deployment... well... you'll need to read the entire book to get a good handle on what happened there.

I messed up our relationship... royally. I kept secrets about her mother's illness, and bowed to the wishes of my wife and sister-in-law by keeping everything hush-hush. Then, I pulled a real 'stupid'... a selfish stupid. By the time Torrent came home between her third and fourth deployment... let's just say, what she had to face was a whole different type of war. It became a cold one.
Torrent left for Fort Hood way earlier than she would have had to, during her break... then volunteered for that fourth deployment as soon as it came up.

I've got neighbors. Their names are Pam and Marty Douglas. Marty is retired Army. The man gave me some insights I desperately needed.

When Joy created me as a character, she gave me some sound strengths, but she made me human... one with flaws... one with a void in his heart.

Meeting her other characters has given me something more to live for, I guess you'd say.  See if you agree with that once you've read the novel.

~ ~ ~ ~

The author of My Story ~ Joy Avery Melville

This first story in the Operation Return To Peace Series, Sown In Peace, is one many, many of our heroes across the United States of America could tell - in fact - when my author, Joy Avery Melville,  researched for Sown In Peace, and the stories to follow,  God granted her desire for human resources to guide her through much of the 'logistics', you might call them. She's said many times, since, "There's way more to this novel than fiction."

Jeremy Rockstroh of Fort Wayne, IN and Keith Youngblood of Bryan, TX  contributed much of their time and multiple stories from their experiences and the depths of their hearts to this novel. Joy considers their friendship an honor and privilege.

~ ~ ~ ~


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Deb Mader said...

Just reading this I see a lot of Joy in you Rex. Concern for and love for family in your thoughts and actions. said...

That's interesting, Deb Mader.

I honestly hadn't seen that for myself. I take it as a compliment!


Karen Middaugh said...

Rex, I want to thank you for admitting to and owning up to your mistakes and realizing that a beautiful relationships is NEVER over until you completely give up. We can make the choice to repair a relationship through our actions and endurance. Your story helps us all to realize that we should not always bow to the wishes of others.

Shelly B said...

As a parent you try your best for your children only to find out later in life you failed. Forgive yourself and try to do better.

Natalya Lakhno said...

Rex, I can't wait to meet you in person ;)

Marilyn R. said...

Rex, I felt your remorse as I read your words. Everyone has reqrets and remorse at times but I feel positive that Joy will bring happiness into your life as she lives to share God's amazing love, joy and peace to everyone she encounters. I'm looking forward to reading your story.

Kim Russell said...

Ooo, love the enticing tidbit. Can't wait for the "rest of the story". said...

Karen Middaugh,
You know exactly what Rex means!

I can hardly wait for you to read the FULLY EDITED/REVISED edition of Sown In Peace!

Thank you for your part in seeing this FINISHED! said...


Free will - Personal choices - take so much of what our adult children do out of our hands.
Thank you so much for your very honest comment here. said...


Rex can hardly wait to meet YOU as well. Stay tuned! ;-) said...


Your comment touched me in a special way - You see Rex's heart so well and the intent of mine.

Thank you for that sincere comment! said...


The REST OF THE STORY is coming SOON... It's amazed me to see Rex's character develop... for a secondary character, he carries a lot of weight.

Just a few short weeks and he will join Marty, Pam, Tori, Griff, JJ, Tanner, and Becca between the Sown In Peace covers!

COVER REVEAL JULY 16th HERE - I am beyond excited to share that. said...

Good morning!


Deb, as soon as I can get my author copies, I'll be getting a signed copy of sown In Peace out to you!!!

I pray it blesses your heart!