Thursday, July 30, 2020

My Story BEFORE The Story ~ Lisa Reno ~ Heart Restoration: Reno Vations Series, Book 1

Hey, there! Hop up into the truck with me! Don’t forget your seatbelt! You can adjust the AC vent if you need to. Summertime in Kentucky is H-O-T, but it’s really the humidity, isn’t it?

Anyway, thanks for coming! I’m Lisa Reno, and somehow I’ve joined forces with my brother, of all people, in running our dad’s construction business, which we renamed “RenoVations.”

Oh! Did I tell you Dad’s getting married in a few weeks? Talk about a story . . . but that was back at Christmastime. We’ll talk later.

At the moment, I’m on my way to meet our new client, because my brother, bless his heart, has injured himself on the job and is laid up. Believe me, I’ll never let him live that down. The upside is I’m in charge for a change!

Wait. Did I remember to fill up the gas tank? Being ten miles from Marion, Kentucky has its ups and downs – one of the downs being lack of amenities, which includes gas stations.

Don’t let the red hair fool you: I’m not a fiery redhead. In fact, in the past I was so shy that all people could remember about me was my hair, and believe me, I did all I could to blend into the woodwork. It was just easier.

Now? Let’s just say I’ve learned a few things in my vast twenty-seven years that have taught me to project a more polished and confident exterior. “Shy me” is still in there, but you’ve heard the phrase “fake it ‘til you make it?” It works!

When Mom got sick a few years ago, I came back home, and I have no regrets. At the time, I wondered if I was doing the right thing. I was working behind the scenes for a successful TV show, had a great boyfriend, and was on my way up in the interior design field. When I realized that my boyfriend wanted me to choose between him and my family, I knew that was God telling me that I needed to depend on Him, and that maybe Ben wasn’t His best for me.

Mom didn’t make it, and Dad was crushed. I couldn’t leave, then. Two years later, after a heart attack at Christmas and his forced semi-retirement, he needed me that much more. Del and I took care of things while he was recuperating, and I never looked back. Sometimes I miss having someone. Okay, I miss it most of the time, but in a tiny town on the river, there’s not much to choose from, so I take solace in my family, my friends, my adorable little house, and my church where I play music every week. It’s a good life, even if it’s a little lonely.

Here we are at the client’s house. Hmmm . . . Looks like it was a showplace in its day, but wow. Fixer-upper? Tearer-downer? Ha! I guess I’ll have to go in and see. Del didn’t tell me who I was meeting. I hope it’s not a cheap-skate that doesn’t have a clue about renovation costs.

Thanks for riding along with me. Del’s usually with me, or Dad, so the company’s been nice. Want to see inside the house? I had a feeling. I’m a sucker for the “old stuff,” and I’ll bet you are, too!

~ ~ ~ ~

My Story Title:  Heart Restoration: 
                          RenoVations Series, Book 1

My Story Genre:  Contemporary Romance (Inspirational)

My Story Releases:   August 5, 2020

~ ~ ~ ~

The Author of My Story:    Regina Merrick

Regina Merrick is a multi-published writer, church musician, wife, mother, former librarian, lover of all things beachy and chocolate, and grateful follower of Jesus Christ. Married to her husband of 35-plus years, she is the mother of two grown daughters, and the keeper of a 100-year-old house where she lives in the small town of Marion, KY.

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9 comments: said...

Welcome, Regina!

So glad to meet Lisa. I can hardly wait to read this book! Sounds like it's going to be a great series.

Enjoy your week here!


HeidiDruKortman said...

Lisa's a very interesting person. Now I want to know what she gets up to.

Regina Rudd Merrick said...

Heidi,Joy, I'll give you one hint about Lisa: She's as graceful as her author! LOL! I just creamed my ankle picking tomatoes in the back yard! Thanks for stopping by!

Janice L. Dick said...

Just finished reading this terrific novel. Great characters and romantic development. The mystery subplot is intriguing too. I just wish it were longer!

Note: I think somewhere along the line, Ben changed to Michael?? said...


I appreciate your comment - I'm glad you've made the effort to read the post.

I am concerned, however, with comment etiquette and how an author feels if a criticism is made in front of other readers.

When you see something like Mike/Ben issue - private message or email the author, please.

I'm so glad you enjoyed the story... hopefully, you've also enjoyed reading about Lisa's backstory.

Blessings, Janice.

Karin Beery said...

How fun! I'm a sucker for anything reno. :) said...

I know - Right!

LOVE old houses - love seeing them revitalized - this book intrigues me for that as much as Lisa's story.

Thanks for stopping by!

Natalya Lakhno said...

What a ride :)
I’m going! Sounds great!
kykla99ATgmailDOTcom said...


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