Thursday, November 21, 2019

My Story BEFORE The Story ~ Mary Clare Casteel ~ Pocket Change

Hello from Pocket, Arkansas. My name is Mary Clare Casteel, but everyone calls me Mac. I’m dying to tell you my story BEFORE the story for two reasons. Number One, the story begins with a murder, and Number Two, it involves a host of my quirky family members and one melt-down gorgeous neighbor—Mick Walker.

As most of my town knows, I worked my way through college at Mr. Chick-a-Booms Chicken Palace. Once I completed my degree in elementary education, I landed a great job teaching, but as a single woman I had to be quite creative with my monthly earnings. I was toodling along okay. Then one day a van pulled into my driveway. It changed my cash flow from OKAY to WOW! The van belonged to the Publisher’s Clearing House folks and they were there to deliver enough money to make me gulp. The fumes from their vehicle still lingered in the air as I rushed to the bank—still in my pink chenille bathrobe and bunny slippers.

Fast forward six months and I was the proud owner of my nearly completed dream business, Pocket Change. Part antique shop, part book store, part cutting edge technology, it held all the things our town had lost over the decades—hope. The current status of our town sagged. It was my dream to restore our little metropolis to its former glory and NOT allow it to be forever known for its ten-mile-long monthly yard sale.

Then the bomb dropped. As my shop sat nearing completion, I made two discoveries. My contractor, Smitty Small, was in our prize Victorian display coffin – dead, and my new neighbor, Mick Walker proved to be an intriguing and helpful piece of the puzzle.

Want to find out more about what took place and who killed Smitty? I’d love for you to join in the fun and pick up a copy of Pocket Change by Debbie Archer. It’s full of mystery, humor, a bit of romance, and a host of Southern traditions I think you’ll enjoy.

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My Story Title:   Pocket Change

My Story Genre:  Cozy Mystery

My Story Releases:   November 05, 2019

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The Author of My Story:    Debbie Archer

Debbie Archer writes contemporary fiction for adults. Humor often shows up unexpectedly. She holds a Master’s Degree in Library Science and a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education. She lives in a small nestled-up part of Arkansas with her incredibly patient husband and a band of rescue animals.

Her professional affiliations include, ALA, Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, ACFW, Sisters in Crime, American Reading Association, and Romance Writers of America.
Among her favorite authors are John Grisham, Joy Avery Melville, Christine Lynxwiler, Tara Johnson, Dr. Seuss, Sheila Turnage, and Jan Karon.
Her compass verse is Philippians 4:8 “Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy—meditate on these things.”

My author signed a contract with her Mack snapping pics and her fur babies looking on!

Such excitement in the house!

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THEN - oh for a pictorial drum roll right now  **** **** ****  November 5, 2019 - RELEASE!!!

~My author's book launches went well over the weekend ~
She has generously allowed Joy to share her special moments with  you here!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this opportunity, Joy! said...

WELCOME - MARY CLARE - and thank you for coming to visit my blog.

Your author, Debbie Archer is my very special friend, known by me as WRITER-GIRL - she has done such a superb job of getting your story on paper/into ebook format, and I AM SO VERY PROUD OF HER!


Hugs to my Writer-Girl also!

HeidiDruKortman said...

Depending on the era of the book, a young woman who eavesdrops could be Otillia Hiddleston. Then again, if it's a contemporary story she might be named for a great-aunt.

Pocket Change sounds like an intriguing story.