Thursday, October 31, 2019

Our Story BEFORE The Story ~ Ashley Johnson & Edgar Russell (Russ) ~ Practically Married

Seventeen years ago, I was supposed to be planning my high school graduation party. Instead, I had to plan my parents’ funeral. Aunt Rose and Uncle John actually planned it, but I helped as much as a traumatized 18-year-old girl could. After it was over, we all stayed together in my parents’ house for six months. I was all set to start college, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t leave my home empty while I moved on, especially because I wasn’t sure if I could move on.

I’m not sure if that was a good idea or not because I didn’t move on. Maybe I would have if I’d gone to school. Instead, I used the insurance money to pay for the funeral, paid off the mortgage, and invested in some medical transcriptional equipment so I could support myself without having to leave home.

I never planned to stay home forever though. It just happened. Then I found my mom’s journal. I never even knew she kept one! Reading it was amazing. Not only did I learn some things about myself, it felt like I got to meet my mom as an adult. Turns out we have a lot of similar hopes and dreams, and reading her journal was the kick I needed to go after them.

I’m Ashley Johnson, and I can’t wait to see where I end up.

My whole life has happened on the farm. My earliest memories include apple and cherry trees. And my dad. When other kids were watching Saturday morning cartoons, I got to sit shotgun with my dad as we drove through the orchards or delivered produce. Uncle Bill and my cousin, Tom, were almost always there with us. No one ever told us we had to work on the farm when we grew up. I don’t think either one of us ever considered anything else, though.

I can’t imagine life without Tom. Growing up with three younger sisters, I couldn’t wait to leave the house to meet my cousin. I don’t know what I would have done without him when my dad died. Dad wasn’t unhealthy or sick. The doctor said there aren’t many symptoms of a brain aneurysm, besides a headache, and Dad wouldn’t have missed a day of work for that. I don’t remember much about the day he died, but I know I wouldn’t have gotten through the next year without Tom.

That’s why I’m not sure what to do now that Tom’s gone. His annual hiking trip. I’ve actually gone with him a dozen times over the years, but not this year. If I’d gone, maybe … maybe we both would have slipped and fallen. Who knows? What I do know is that I have a farm to run, a family to watch out for, and a beautiful stranger named Ashley looking for Tom.

I’m Edgar Russell—everyone calls me Russ—and who knows how this will end up.

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Our Story Genre:  Contemporary Romance

Our Story Releases:  Tuesday ~ October 22, 2019

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The Author of Our Story:    Karin Beery

Karin Beery grew up in a rural Michigan town, where she wrote her first novel in high school. Today, she writes contemporary stories with a healthy dose of romance. When she’s not writing fiction, she’s reading, editing, or teaching it. In her free time, she enjoys watching University of Michigan football and action-adventure movies with her husband and fur babies.

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Karin Beery said...

Thank you so much for having me! said...

Glad you brought Ashley and Russ to Journeystojoy, Karin.

I'm enjoying the book... I do hope readers here will get involved this week - the book has got such a great premise!

Enjoy your time here!

Ruth DeMaat said...

This sounds like an interesting read,Joy! I hope I wi this one! said...

Thanks, Ruth, for commenting!

We'll have to see how the hat shakes up. LOL


Kim Russell said...

Wonder what happens when these two lives intersect?

HeidiDruKortman said...

What a cool premise. You know where I am.

PTSprite said...

I haven't gotten a copy yet but I hope to soon :) said...

PTSprite is the winner this week - and has won


Congrat-you-lations, PTSprite - please email me at

So I can get an address for Karin Beery to send you out a signed copy of PRACTICALLY MARRIED

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