Thursday, September 12, 2019

Our Story BEFORE the Story ~ Claire Bennett & Patsy Kowalski ~ Chapel Hill Revival

Hey, there! I’m Claire Bennett, and this is my best friend since kindergarten Patsy Kowalski.


Patsy isn’t as outspoken as I am. In fact, when we were in Kindergarten, I always spoke for her. She’d whisper to me, and I’d tell the teacher whatever she wanted. If the teacher called on her, she’d cry. They finally tried to separate us into different classes. Ha! They didn’t count on her mama storming into the school to stop that nonsense.

“We’re the owners of The Painted Loon, our art gallery. I paint and Claire’s a potter.”

Patsy, do you remember the morning my Joel left without kissing me goodbye? He’s kissed me every morning before he leaves since we got married, but somewhere in twenty-seven years of marriage, I’d become a LazyBoy recliner. A steady, comfortable piece of furniture. How utterly humdrum.

“At least he wasn’t like Nathan. He was doing sixteen of the Twenty-One Signs of a Cheating Husband.”

True, but nobody likes to be taken for granted. So, we embarked on Operation Marriage Revival. At the same time, the new widow on the hill, Lydia, hesitantly mentioned how Chapel Springs had grown a little shabby and could use reviving.

“And she was right. Since Claire and I were already in ‘revival’ mode, she pulled everyone together and we began a town-wide campaign to freshen up Chapel Springs. Of course, we got a lot of flak from the mayor and his cronies. They’d prefer to leave us stuck in the 1950s and not enter the Twenty-first Century.”

That’s the truth. Then, in the midst of all of it, my son Charlie got engaged to Sandi, and she wanted to have the reception at our house. Her mama erroneously thought I was the cook in our family. I had to learn how fast, so I could cook the dinner she coerced me into. Sandi’s mother was a piece of work. But you’ll have to read the book to learn how I managed it. And the fire was not my fault!

“Our story has been out for 5 years now, and it has remained in the top 100 books in its category on Amazon that entire time. We’re pretty excited about that. Should we tell them what happened with Operation Marriage Revival?”

No way. They need to buy the book to find that out. They can go to Amazon and find it there.

“Or they can leave a comment to be entered into a drawing to win it.” (See below)

They can? Well, isn’t that nice!

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Our Story Title:   Chapel Hill Revival 1st Edition

Our Story Genre:  Southern Women's Fiction ~ Ane's brand - Southern Fried Fiction

Our Story Releases:    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY
            CHAPEL HILL REVIVAL 1st Edition !!!! ~ Sept. 2014

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The Author of Our Story: Ane Mulligan

Ane Mulligan writes Southern-fried fiction served with a tall, sweet tea. She's an award-winning bestselling novelist, a multi-published playwright and contributor to the award-winning blog, The Write Conversation

She resides in Sugar Hill, GA, with her artist husband and a rascally Rottweiler who thinks he’s a teddy bear.

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Thursday, September 05, 2019

The Story Behind THE LADY & THE LAWMAN

Howdy y’all. The name’s Jodie Ross, but my big brother calls me “Jo.” Now don’t go getting the wrong idea about a gal like me sitting behind bars. Sure, I may be dressed like a man and not keep the best of company, but I can explain. What the handsome new greenhorn of a marshal doesn’t know is that I didn’t realize what I was getting into when I went to live with my brother after our folks died. I was only ten at the time after all.

You see, Jerry’s fourteen years older than me, so he’s seemed more of an uncle to me than a brother. We get along pretty well. He taught me lots of things Mama never would’ve allowed, like shootin’, ‘n’ trappin’, ‘n’ fishin’—things I really enjoyed. Only after I got good at it, he started takin’ trips for work. I hated it. He always left me behind. He said a neighbor would check on me, but they hardly ever did. He’d leave me alone in our cabin for days, then sometimes weeks at a time.

When he missed our first Christmas together without Mama and Papa, that was it. I’d had enough of being alone. I demanded he start taking me on his work trips. For a time, Jerry kept his line of work hidden from me, just asked me to mind the camp and occasionally hold the horses for him and his buddies.

Once I got used to having a full belly again, I started asking more questions. He said he did work like Robin Hood, taking from the rich to feed the poor. Considering the hard winter I’d endured alone, I didn’t want anyone, including myself, to ever have to go through such an experience again. I guess that’s why I never said anything. Although, I think deep down I knew my brother didn’t really care about helping other people, but he never complained when I’d share my portion of the spoils with those I saw who were down on their luck.

Lately, however, I’ve been rather longing to cut out on my own and put down some roots, instead of hopping around from abandoned shack to empty cavern or sleeping out under the stars, or cooking for slovenly men who only keep their hands off me because I’m better with a gun than they are and the fact my brother nearly killed the last guy who tried to get, shall we say, “fresh” with me.

Sigh. Maybe one day my life will get better, but from where I’m sitting, I don’t see how. Maybe the God my mama taught me about can help, but would He even hear a cry from a gal like me?

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My Story Title:   Mistaken Marshal
The Lady and the Lawman: 4 Historical Stories of Lawmen and the Ladies Who Love Them

My Story Genre:  Historical Romance

My Story Releases:   August 2019

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The Author of My Story:    Crystal L Barnes
Other Authors in the collection include: Vickie McDonough, Annette O’Hare, Kathleen Y’Barbo

A best-selling author, bona fide country girl, and former competitive gymnast, Crystal L Barnes tells stories of fun, faith, and friction that allow her to share her love of Texas, old-fashioned things, and the Lord—not necessarily in that order. When she's not writing, reading, or singing, Crystal enjoys spending time with family, exploring on road-trips, and watching old movies/sitcoms. I Love Lucy and Little House on the Prairie are two of her favorites. You can find out more and connect with Crystal at

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