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I'm Father Matthew Hall. I grew up in San Antonio, Texas, in a Catholic Family. My father always talked about the day when I'd enter the priesthood. It was kind of an accepted thing that the oldest son would be a priest. I have a younger sister, Trisha, who feels it's her job to mother me. In high school, she always wanted to know what girls I was dating, or if I was still on the track team. I love her dearly, and she means well.

God has blessed me with a singing voice and the ability to play the violin. Music has always been an important element of my life.

Something happened in high school that I'd never have predicted. My best friend overdosed on drugs and died. I was devastated because I had no idea he was even taking them. I suppose his death set in motion what later became my heart's passion. I have a desire to minister to at-risk teens involving them in an afters-school orchestra where they will learn an instrument and perform. That was one of the factors that has driven my story in Dreams Deferred.

That and another high school incident. For a while, I was devastated after my friend's death. Another friend asked me to go to his youth group with him, so I sought answers in his church. Of course I didn't tell my parents. It was one of those Sunday evenings when his pastor asked if anyone wanted to pray and ask Jesus into his life. My heart was so empty I was the first one up there. I felt closer to God than ever, and it made me want to enter the priesthood even more.

So that's my story so far—then one Easter Sunday while I was saying mass, the unbelievable happened. I spotted a young lady on the front row. I'll let her tell you her story.

I'm Mary Louise Graham, a faithful attendee of St. Aloysius Catholic Church. I teach middle school English and grammar and besides attending mass every Sunday, I volunteer for two positions at the church. The Thrift Store and Third Grade Catechism. It keeps me busy, but in reality will never be enough. I'm not sure how many good deeds and volunteer positions it would take to work off the horrid mistake I made in high school. In fact, I'm reluctant to even assign words to it. The weight seems heavier every day. What makes it worse is Mom always seems to bring up the subject and remind me of my sin. I need freedom and don't know where to find it. Maybe I'll talk to the new priest at St. Aloysius who said Easter mass.

Father Matt: I never expected to fall in love with a woman. I have no idea what will happen next.

Mary Louise: I can't go on much longer with this heavy load of guilt.

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My Story Genre:  Contemporary Romance

My Story Released:   April 22, 2019

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The Author of My Story:    June Foster

June Foster is an award-winning author who began her writing career in an RV roaming around the USA with her husband, Joe. She brags about visiting a location before it becomes the setting in her next contemporary romance or romantic suspense. June's characters find themselves in precarious circumstances where only God can offer redemption and ultimately freedom. To date June has seen publication of 19 novels and 1 devotional.

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June Foster said...

Joy, your name reflects one of the fruit of the spirit. I love it! Thank you for allowing Father Matt and Mary Louise to tell their story today on your blog. said...

Welcome to Father Matt and Mary Louise!

Did you know, June, my mother's middle name and my middle name is Louise as well?
Mom's name was Marian Louise... very close to your Mary Louise. LOL

I'm so glad you've allowed your characters time with us this week!

Hugs and prayers,

HeidiDruKortman said...

Interesting grounds for conflict here.

June Foster said...

That's interesting, Joy. My mother was also Mary Louise, named after her grandmother, the heroine in the story. I'm not sure if I told you, but the image of the young woman is actually my grand daughter. So that would make her Mary Louise's great, great, great grand daughter. (smile)

June Foster said...

Heidi, that's one thing that wasn't lacking - conflict. With Mary Louise, I had to create tension as I actually know little about her - something I really regret.

Deb Gardner Allard said...

This story is different and really piqued my interest. said...


We have a WINNER - Deb Gardner Allard has won - DREAMS DIFFERED - I will see that you get her email address ASAP

Thank you, JUNE for your participation and thank you, Deb for your interest in the blog this year!

Love and prayers for each of the two of you!