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I’m Omar Tugani. I’m a finance lawyer in Chicago. I met Tassie in a case we both worked on. We went to dinner and things moved on from there. I didn’t really care she was Jewish. I’m Muslim. It’s just that she started talking about this relic that came with Columbus. It had to do with a difficult custody case she was working on. And then she drops this thing that Columbus, according to her mother, was part Jewish.

Hey, I’m Tassie and I wasn’t trying to impress Omar . . . I was just settling down after a difficult day. Mr. Goldman, the man with the custody case, knew about the relic. My mother, Marge Stevens, drove me crazy talking about it and wanted me to be all into it. It’s how I got my name. So, anyway, I let a little slip out to Omar, and he got this look – a bit demeaning – and then it was gone. And when my parents met him the subject of Columbus came up. I couldn’t believe it, but there was that demeaning speck in his eye, a bit of disdain. Mother and Daddy picked up on it, so they wanted me to be careful. I wasn’t about to pay attention to that, but I certainly wish I had. I just wanted to be a great lawyer and then all this happened.

I grew up with my brother Rube and my parents in a nice neighborhood in Chicago. We both were saddled with the names from a legend about Columbus. Rube didn’t mind but it always bugged me, and I basically told no one that my real name was Tassel. My dad was a well-known and respected judge and I wanted to be as capable as him . . . but as a lawyer. We used to go downtown and have lunch with him in Grant Park. Those were the best times.

Raised in Syria, we were devout Muslims, and our grandfather was everything. He wanted us educated in the U.S. and so we were. Family connections are vital, and though I stayed in the U.S., I went home to visit and, ah, help with the family business. Tassie didn’t need to know about that, but she overheard something one night, so what happened after that, well things change. She was a nice woman, but I had business to attend to.

I’m Hector, and you’ll see me here and there. I’ve known Tassie and her family for many, many years. If you only knew. What a beautiful history they have. But as you can already see, Tassie is a bit stubborn and she did not want to hear from me. Her mother gracefully received what I had to tell her, but she thought she was dreaming. I think you’ll just have to figure out my background on your own. In case you can’t tell, I’m chuckling.

Tassie: That man Hector drives me crazy and how he thinks he can just waltz into my workplace and where I go to eat in the park is just unethical. And how he apparently knows my family and my background is ridiculous.

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Our Story Genre:  Suspense

Our Story Released:  October 31, 2018

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The Author of Our Story:    Judy DuCharme

Judy DuCharme grew up in a small town on Lake Huron and now lives in the woods of beautiful Door County in Wisconsin. She graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Communication Arts. After two years as a radio announcer at a Christian station, Judy married Lee. When their children were five and three, they moved to Wisconsin where Judy returned to school to obtain her teacher certification. She then taught fifth grade 22 years, retiring in 2012. Six books have been published since that time and Judy has received several awards. She and her husband are very involved in their church and an organization that works with international students employed in the area. Lee and Judy’s son, born with Down Syndrome, lives with them and is also a character in Blood Moon Redemption. Their daughter and son-in-law recently had their first child which is the first grandchild – Judy is totally smitten.

Judy's awards:
Best New Writer 2013, Write to Publish Conference for The Cheesehead Devotional Kickoff Edition; First Place Short Story at 2016 Florida Christian Writers Conference, and 2018 National Indie Excellence Award Winner for Christmas Ivy; one of 12 winners of the 2014 Guideposts Magazine Workshop Contest; Second Place Nonfiction in 2018 Serious Writer Awards, Third Place Nonfiction Wright Medal Awards, and 2018 National Indie Excellence Awards Finalist for The Cheesehead Devotional Hall of Fame Edition. Judy has received two awards for books not yet published. Judy also authored novella Run With the Wind and novel Society of the L.A.M.B. Blood Moon Redemption is a 2019 Selah Finalist on the 2019 Long List for the INSPY Awards.

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Judy - Welcome to journeystojoy- thank you for introducing Omar, Tassie, and Hector.

I hope they enjoy some interaction with readers this week!

Thank you for participating in this STORY BEFORE THE STORY project!


Unknown said...

Thanks Joy, I so enjoyed writing this book. I hope your readers will enjoy reading it. Judy

Peggy Blann Phifer said...

Trying this again at Joy's request:

Hello, Joy and Judy. I read this interview sometime this morning, then got caught up in other "life stuff" and left the computer, inadvertently leaving the tab open in my browser. Now, about 6-7 hours later, I'm back and took the time to read more about the book on Amazon along with the reviews ... ... ... and ...
I want to read this book! So put my name in the hat - - and if I should win, I'd like the eBook version to read on my Kindle because I can no longer read print books.
Thanks! ~Peg said...

By default, Peggy Blann Phifer has won a copy of your book!


I'm glad you got the chance to enter early on.. I know you've wanted to be able to get an eBook due to the eye issues you have.

BLESSINGS to Judy and Peggy!