Thursday, May 30, 2019

The Story Before... The Art of Rivers

I’m Rivers Sullivan. And I was shot.

The good news is—I lived. It didn’t seem like good news, though. My fiancé, Jordan, was shot, too. He didn’t make it. Only ten days before our wedding, I lost the love of my life.

Now, I’m in St. Simons Island, Georgia, to clean out and sell the beach cottage and art gallery I inherited from him. During the first twenty-four hours, I almost drown in the same area where Jordan’s sister did five years ago. Then I find out that people from a sober living facility are running the art gallery I own. Along with Jordan’s black sheep cousin, Cooper Knight.

The last thing I want is to be around people with addictions. My mother was an alcoholic who ended up with a brain injury. I spent my teen years being the grown up instead of the daughter.

The problem is I’m falling for Cooper. And I might need to work on displaying a little grace.

I’m Cooper Knight. And I’ve been in recovery for five years.

I’m an addiction counselor now, and when I’m free, I search the sandbars for victims caught unaware for the St. Simons dangerous tides. I know God forgives, but my family never will. No matter how hard I work to make up for my cousin’s drowning, I never quite feel like it’s enough. I sure never expected to find Jordan’s fiancée, Rivers, staying at the family cottage.

In a perfect world, Rivers would be everything I ever wanted in a woman. But the world isn’t perfect—especially not me. Besides, I couldn’t cause more pain to my family by getting involved with her that way. I just pray I can find a way to help Rivers move through her grief and on with her life.

~ ~ ~ ~

My Story Title:   The Art Of Rivers

My Story Genre:  Contemporary Inspirational Romance

My Story Releases:   June 30, 2019

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The Author of My Story:    JANET W. FERGUSON

Janet W. Ferguson
grew up in Mississippi and received a degree in Banking and Finance from the University of Mississippi. She has served as a children’s minister and a church youth volunteer. An avid reader, she worked as a librarian at a large public high school. She writes humorous inspirational fiction for people with real lives and real problems. Janet and her husband have two grown children, one really smart dog, and a few cats that allow them to share the space. Janet loves to connect with readers.

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Thursday, May 23, 2019

My Story BEFORE The Story ~

I'm Miriam, and I was a good girl.

I helped my ima with the chores and took care of my baby brother Zaccheus. I was kind to those around me. I prayed to Jehovah and listened intently to abba when he read from the Torah. I did everything I was told to do. From the outside, I was doing everything right. Or so I thought.

But inside I was selfish and self-centered. And maybe a bit prideful. My actions shouted, “Look at me! Aren’t I virtuous? What an example of a righteous life I am!”

If I were to be honest, my insides — my heart — did not match my actions. I thought only of myself and my own comfort. What would make me happy? Who would make me happy?

I had many friends, especially Jonas, the boy who was raised from the dead by

the prophet Elisha. We spent our days laughing and playing by a nearby stream. We fished and basked in the sun, carefree and content. Trouble was not a word we understood. Tragedy had not yet touched our lives.

My facade continued until one day, we heard of the invasion by the Syrian army in nearby villages. A runner came through the center of Shunem town to spread the news. Fear rose up in our hearts. Would it happen to us? Family members held each other more closely. We planned for the possibility of an invasion. What would we bring? Where would we flee?

All this was for naught, because when the time came, it caught us unawares. Life would never be the same. Especially for this girl with a selfish heart . . .

~ ~ ~ ~


My Story Genre:  Middle Grade Historical Fiction

My Story Released:   APRIL 26TH 2019

~ ~ ~ ~

The Author of My Story:   Jarmila Del Boccio

Jarm (‘J’ pronounced as a 'Y') Del Boccio finds her inspiration in everyday life, but in particular, when she travels the globe, observing the quirky things that happen along the way. Focusing on lives of characters from the past, Jarm is devoted to breathing new life into the pages of history.

Jarm has a background in elementary and high school education, and served for seven years as a school librarian. Grateful for the opportunity, she taught three missionary kids in an isolated area of Papua New Guinea. She is part of SCBWI and American Christian Fiction Writers, and has published articles in "The Old Schoolhouse" magazine.

“The Heart Changer,” her debut MG historical/biblical fiction, releases with Ambassador International April 26th 2019. Jarm is content with the journey God has placed her on, and lives with her husband, adult daughter and son (when he lands at home) in a tree-lined suburb of Chicago. You can connect on her author’s website/blog at:

"My Passion is to Make Scripture and History Come Alive for my Readers: Illuminating the Past. Making Sense of the Present. Offering Hope for the Future.”

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Thursday, May 16, 2019

My Story BEFORE The Story ~ Whispering Hope


Oh dear, I'm getting ahead of myself here.

Well, hi there. I’m so glad you dropped in. I’m Virginia Hopewell, Ginny to most everyone. Except Mama. She doesn’t approve of nicknames, even though it was Papa who gave it to me.

You can’t imagine how surprised I am to find myself the main female character in a novel, let alone a suspense story. But since my creator plunked me down in the middle of a deadly scene on the very first page … in Chicago, of all places … perhaps you’d like a little background about how I came to be there that fateful night. I’ll try to fill you in.

Okay, here we go. I’m a twenty-year-old country gal who grew up in a rambling old Victorian–style estate, built sometime back in the middle of the last century, on the shore of Angel Lake in Mewanee, in northwest Wisconsin At least that’s what Mama told me and I have no reason to question that.

Before I was born, Papa, with the help of Uncle Robert, Mama’s brother, had taken some of the estate’s outbuildings, converted them to cabins and placed them along the shore of the lake near the pier and boathouse. Then they closed off part of the three-story house and made it into guest rooms. By the time I came along, The Last Resort was a popular getaway for hunters and fishermen from the big cities like Minneapolis, Superior, Milwaukee, and yes, Chicago.

But things always change, don’t they? The type of guests changed. Mama changed, no longer humming as she worked in the kitchen or serving the guests. Looking back, I see it now, but as a child, spending wonderful days with my cousin Susan sitting at the end of the pier discussing deep things, I never noticed.

Then, at the end of October last year, the bottom fell out of the Stock Market and Papa lost everything. He boarded up the cabins and closed the resort. Uncle Robert, who hadn’t lost much in the crash, which, I admit seemed strange to me, moved to Chicago, alone, leaving Susan and Aunt Lillian behind.

As the new year rolled around, things changed again. Uncle Robert sent for Susan to come to Chicago and work for him. I was devastated. I’d just lost my best friend.

Until, in February, Susan invited me to visit her.

In Chicago.

~ ~ ~ ~


My Story Genre:  Historical Romantic Suspense

My Story Released:  Early May  2018

~ ~ ~ ~

The Author of My Story:   PEGGY BLANN PHIFER

Author Peggy Blann Phifer lives in the boonies’ of NW Wisconsin with her daughter, son-in-law, and a Border Collie mix dog named Rocky

Peg’s debut novel, To See the Sun, a contemporary romantic suspense, released in January 2012. A second novel, Somehow, Christmas Will Come, contemporary women’s fiction with a touch of romance and mystery, released in November 2014, revised and re-released in late 2015. A recent work titled Whispering Hope, an historical romantic suspense, set during the years of Prohibition, released in early May 2018. A fourth book, Broken, Book 1 in a series of novellas called Sweetwater River, released in September 2018. Book 2 in this same series released the following month.

Peg is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading, blogging, supporting her fellow writers, and watching Netflix movies on her Kindle.

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Thursday, May 09, 2019


I'm Father Matthew Hall. I grew up in San Antonio, Texas, in a Catholic Family. My father always talked about the day when I'd enter the priesthood. It was kind of an accepted thing that the oldest son would be a priest. I have a younger sister, Trisha, who feels it's her job to mother me. In high school, she always wanted to know what girls I was dating, or if I was still on the track team. I love her dearly, and she means well.

God has blessed me with a singing voice and the ability to play the violin. Music has always been an important element of my life.

Something happened in high school that I'd never have predicted. My best friend overdosed on drugs and died. I was devastated because I had no idea he was even taking them. I suppose his death set in motion what later became my heart's passion. I have a desire to minister to at-risk teens involving them in an afters-school orchestra where they will learn an instrument and perform. That was one of the factors that has driven my story in Dreams Deferred.

That and another high school incident. For a while, I was devastated after my friend's death. Another friend asked me to go to his youth group with him, so I sought answers in his church. Of course I didn't tell my parents. It was one of those Sunday evenings when his pastor asked if anyone wanted to pray and ask Jesus into his life. My heart was so empty I was the first one up there. I felt closer to God than ever, and it made me want to enter the priesthood even more.

So that's my story so far—then one Easter Sunday while I was saying mass, the unbelievable happened. I spotted a young lady on the front row. I'll let her tell you her story.

I'm Mary Louise Graham, a faithful attendee of St. Aloysius Catholic Church. I teach middle school English and grammar and besides attending mass every Sunday, I volunteer for two positions at the church. The Thrift Store and Third Grade Catechism. It keeps me busy, but in reality will never be enough. I'm not sure how many good deeds and volunteer positions it would take to work off the horrid mistake I made in high school. In fact, I'm reluctant to even assign words to it. The weight seems heavier every day. What makes it worse is Mom always seems to bring up the subject and remind me of my sin. I need freedom and don't know where to find it. Maybe I'll talk to the new priest at St. Aloysius who said Easter mass.

Father Matt: I never expected to fall in love with a woman. I have no idea what will happen next.

Mary Louise: I can't go on much longer with this heavy load of guilt.

~ ~ ~ ~


My Story Genre:  Contemporary Romance

My Story Released:   April 22, 2019

~ ~ ~ ~

The Author of My Story:    June Foster

June Foster is an award-winning author who began her writing career in an RV roaming around the USA with her husband, Joe. She brags about visiting a location before it becomes the setting in her next contemporary romance or romantic suspense. June's characters find themselves in precarious circumstances where only God can offer redemption and ultimately freedom. To date June has seen publication of 19 novels and 1 devotional.

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Thursday, May 02, 2019


I’m Omar Tugani. I’m a finance lawyer in Chicago. I met Tassie in a case we both worked on. We went to dinner and things moved on from there. I didn’t really care she was Jewish. I’m Muslim. It’s just that she started talking about this relic that came with Columbus. It had to do with a difficult custody case she was working on. And then she drops this thing that Columbus, according to her mother, was part Jewish.

Hey, I’m Tassie and I wasn’t trying to impress Omar . . . I was just settling down after a difficult day. Mr. Goldman, the man with the custody case, knew about the relic. My mother, Marge Stevens, drove me crazy talking about it and wanted me to be all into it. It’s how I got my name. So, anyway, I let a little slip out to Omar, and he got this look – a bit demeaning – and then it was gone. And when my parents met him the subject of Columbus came up. I couldn’t believe it, but there was that demeaning speck in his eye, a bit of disdain. Mother and Daddy picked up on it, so they wanted me to be careful. I wasn’t about to pay attention to that, but I certainly wish I had. I just wanted to be a great lawyer and then all this happened.

I grew up with my brother Rube and my parents in a nice neighborhood in Chicago. We both were saddled with the names from a legend about Columbus. Rube didn’t mind but it always bugged me, and I basically told no one that my real name was Tassel. My dad was a well-known and respected judge and I wanted to be as capable as him . . . but as a lawyer. We used to go downtown and have lunch with him in Grant Park. Those were the best times.

Raised in Syria, we were devout Muslims, and our grandfather was everything. He wanted us educated in the U.S. and so we were. Family connections are vital, and though I stayed in the U.S., I went home to visit and, ah, help with the family business. Tassie didn’t need to know about that, but she overheard something one night, so what happened after that, well things change. She was a nice woman, but I had business to attend to.

I’m Hector, and you’ll see me here and there. I’ve known Tassie and her family for many, many years. If you only knew. What a beautiful history they have. But as you can already see, Tassie is a bit stubborn and she did not want to hear from me. Her mother gracefully received what I had to tell her, but she thought she was dreaming. I think you’ll just have to figure out my background on your own. In case you can’t tell, I’m chuckling.

Tassie: That man Hector drives me crazy and how he thinks he can just waltz into my workplace and where I go to eat in the park is just unethical. And how he apparently knows my family and my background is ridiculous.

~ ~ ~ ~


Our Story Genre:  Suspense

Our Story Released:  October 31, 2018

~ ~ ~ ~

The Author of Our Story:    Judy DuCharme

Judy DuCharme grew up in a small town on Lake Huron and now lives in the woods of beautiful Door County in Wisconsin. She graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Communication Arts. After two years as a radio announcer at a Christian station, Judy married Lee. When their children were five and three, they moved to Wisconsin where Judy returned to school to obtain her teacher certification. She then taught fifth grade 22 years, retiring in 2012. Six books have been published since that time and Judy has received several awards. She and her husband are very involved in their church and an organization that works with international students employed in the area. Lee and Judy’s son, born with Down Syndrome, lives with them and is also a character in Blood Moon Redemption. Their daughter and son-in-law recently had their first child which is the first grandchild – Judy is totally smitten.

Judy's awards:
Best New Writer 2013, Write to Publish Conference for The Cheesehead Devotional Kickoff Edition; First Place Short Story at 2016 Florida Christian Writers Conference, and 2018 National Indie Excellence Award Winner for Christmas Ivy; one of 12 winners of the 2014 Guideposts Magazine Workshop Contest; Second Place Nonfiction in 2018 Serious Writer Awards, Third Place Nonfiction Wright Medal Awards, and 2018 National Indie Excellence Awards Finalist for The Cheesehead Devotional Hall of Fame Edition. Judy has received two awards for books not yet published. Judy also authored novella Run With the Wind and novel Society of the L.A.M.B. Blood Moon Redemption is a 2019 Selah Finalist on the 2019 Long List for the INSPY Awards.

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