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We came to the United States when I turned four and my sister, Leah, was two. I’m eleven now, my name is Jack.

My dad had traveled ahead of us to find work and a place to live. Momma, Leah and I sailed a year later. I remember as we came down the gangplank the buildings took my breath away. Most were four or five stories high, much different from the cottages in Ireland.

Times were good back then. I loved the city of New York. Dad had gotten a job for a furniture maker. He’d come home in the evenings smelling of sawdust and sweat. After a wash and a hearty supper, he would sit and tell us stories of long ago in the green isle. Leah and I would listen spellbound but Momma chuckling would tell Dad he was full of the blarney. Sundays were the best days. Leah and I would hurry to dress for church, anxious to see the other children. In the afternoons, our family would walk through the park or have a picnic by the river. Dad took us once to see a marvelous bridge they had completed a few years previous called the Brooklyn Bridge. We also visited the zoo and the museums. Life was full of joy and laughter.

But things have changed in New York City. The streets have become crowded. The leisurely strolls we once enjoyed are spoiled by impatient pedestrians and dirty litter. Shouts rain down from open apartment windows. Languages I don’t understand. Dad decided to find a better place to live and took a trip out West. Excitedly he told us of the beautiful farmland and open ranges. He started saving money for us to move to Oklahoma. He said it’s the land of opportunity. Things were fantastic till Momma got sick.

I never thought anything could ever happen to Momma. So full of life and happiness. When she cooked or cleaned, she sang little songs to herself and sometimes danced a gig across the floor. If I had a bad day at school just hearing her song as I came in the door would give me peace.

But Momma died last week. Dad said she had got Typhoid. We had to use the money he saved to bury her in the graveyard. Dad is sick now. Leah and I have taken turns trying to get him to swallow water and eat a little broth. He’s getting weaker. I don’t know what to do. If dad dies, we’ll be alone. I’ll have to be the man of the house, Dad would want me to take care of Leah. But I’m only eleven.

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My Story Title:   THE PROMISE

My Story Genre:  Middle Grade

My Story Released:   March 23, 2019


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The Author of My Story:    Carolyn Torbett-Johnson

Carolyn Torbett Johnson  grew up in Connecticut surrounded by a loving family of two brothers and two sisters. Her parents also cared for three foster children, one of whom they were able to adopt and became the light of their lives. She has worked with children for over forty years and now resides in Oklahoma where her husband is the pastor of a country church. She enjoys reading, gardening and working on Quilts of Valor. 

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Welcome to JOURNEYSTOJOY, Carolyn!

This is an exciting event for our blog - your characters are the first to arrive with a MIDDLE GRADE story!

May they find success with this novel, Carolyn! Thank you so much for your participation in this project!

HeidiDruKortman said...

The era of the Orphan Trains is still not as widely known as it should be, so this story looks like a welcome addition to the material.

Unknown said...

I had not heard of the Orphan Train Riders until I saw a documentary on PBS. I happened to be taking writing courses at the time and it seemed a perfect topic to research. The more I read the more I felt I had to tell their story.
I'm excited to present these orphan train riders, Jack and Leah. I became so engrossed in their story that I ended up writing a trilogy. The second book, Oklahoma Bound, is out and the third book, Forever Home, is waiting on the artist to finish the cover. I hope you enjoy this series as much as I did writing it.

Jarm Del Boccio said...

Well done! I can see clearly the setting your MC’s story has blossomed from. Congrats! said...


Our winner tonight is JARM DEL BOCCIO

We will see to it you receive your copy of THE PROMISE ASAP!

Thank you for participating with your comment, Jarm.