Thursday, April 11, 2019


Martie from MY FAMILY

Most of my family and friends call me Martie, not Martha. I guess that’s because I was a tomboy when I was a kid.

I can’t complain about my family growing up. Dad had his own business, so he was busy, not around much. Which meant that Mom was always bossy, trying to handle everything at home by herself.

But we knew they loved us.

My sister RuthAnne was beautiful, but she wasn’t snobby about it. She and I were good friends.

But I felt most comfortable hanging around with my brother John and his buddies. Playing ball, hiking through the woods, underneath somebody’s car trying to get it to run.

When I finished college, I needed to move away. John had joined Dad in his business. RuthAnne was married with a baby—so happy.

I didn’t fit in. I needed to make a place for myself in the world.

I moved to a large city, found a job and a church, started making new friends. I missed my family, but I visited on holidays. Once in a while, one of them would come to visit me. And I was making a life for myself.

Then RuthAnne and her husband died. And they made me guardian for their eight-year-old daughter Kim.

Kim doesn’t like me. She doesn’t want to stay with me. What do I know about being a parent?

My friend Jessica helps a lot. And Will, too, the cop who . . . Well, I won’t tell you about that yet.

Kim is so sad. Of course, she is. So am I. But she’s just eight, and she needs help. How can I help her? Sometimes I wish John and my parents were closer, to give me advice, to lean on.

Kim’s other grandmother, on her dad’s side, isn’t helping at all. How did RuthAnne get along with this woman? Of course, RuthAnne always got along with everybody. Maybe I should have hung around her more, let some of her sweetness rub off on me.

Kim loves my dog. She’s making new friends at school and church. But I can’t find the trigger to get her to trust me. I pray that God will help us make this work.

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My Story Title:   MY FAMILY (one novella of five in ALL MY TEARS

My Story Genre:  Women's Fiction

My Story Releases:   April 2, 2019 ~ Just THIS week!

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The Author of My Story:   Kathy McKinsey    

 Kathy McKinsey grew up on a pig farm in Missouri, and although she’s lived in cities for nearly 40 years, she still considers herself a farm girl.

She’s been married to Murray for 31 years, and they have five adult children.

She’s had two careers before writing—being a stay-at-home-Mom and working as a rehabilitation teacher for the blind.

Now she lives in Lakewood, Ohio with her husband and two of her children. Besides writing, she enjoys activities with her church, editing for other writers, braille transcribing, crocheting, knitting, and playing with the cat and dogs.

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Deb Gardner Allard said...

This sounds like a touching story about family.

Rick Barry said...

I pausing to congratulate you on this upcoming release! This is exciting for you, I know. May many readers experienced touched hearts as they join your family though these pages. :)

Kim Russell said...

Sounds like this gal has her hands full....

Sharee Stover said...

I'm intrigued to learn more about Will the cop! said... has the pleasure of announcing its first ever male winner.

Rick Barry has won an AMAZON GIFT CARD tonight.

CONGRAT-YOU-LATIONS, RICK! Thanks for stopping by and for participating in the drawing