Saturday, November 15, 2014

DAY 5 ~ STRANDED ~ Interview with Don and Stephanie Prichard

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Don and Stephanie Prichard

A Marine Corps reservist sets sail on an anniversary cruise with his wife but ends up shipwrecked and bereaved on an uninhabited jungle island where he must protect the lives of three other survivors, unaware that one of them is responsible for his wife’s death.

DAY FIVE ~ November 14 ~ Interview with AUTHORS ~ Don and Stephanie:

STEPH: Hey, hon, we’re interviewing each other on Joy’s blog today, so I thought I’d start off by asking what you love so much about having me as your co-author.

DON: Why, sweetie, what’s not to love? I get all the fun of coming up with the plot, and you do the grunt work … er, challenging part of writing it. 

STEPH: A bit more than that, lovey. After you script the first draft, we go through it and reshape the plot and characters. And after I write a chapter, you critique it.  

DON: True. So tell our readers how we came up with our system of compartmentalized labors.

STEPH: You mean that you prefer movies to books, so your skill lies more in plot and structure, whereas I prefer books to movies and enjoy the creativity of writing the story?

DON: Yes, I love how you bring the story to life! But you wanted to make changes in the plot and characters I originally came up with.

STEPH: Yes, hon. It was a bit hard to swallow Jake when he had absolutely no flaws and was an expert on everything.

DON: Ah, but he was such a hero! On top of being such a sterling Marine.

STEPH: Now that’s where you outdid yourself, to your credit! Your experiences as a Marine reservist in Viet Nam added fascinating details to Jake’s character. In fact, the whole island adventure is outstanding, lovey. You gave poor Jake, Eve, Crystal, and Betty almost every kind of adversary—nature, man, internal conflict, and, well, even God.

DON: And you added all the marvelous themes and symbolism.

STEPH: I think attending writers’ conferences together made a big difference, don’t you? We had so much to learn, and they put us on the same page.

DON: Plus you met Brenda, your amazing critique partner, at our first conference, and I met our literary agent at our third conference.

STEPH: And now here we are—ta daa—published at last! Thank you, Lord! Okay, I start on book number two now, and you …?

DON: Um, I’m on book number five.

STEPH: Oh. Ouch.

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jude urbanski said...

I just finished the book and give it a thumbs up! Thanks, Joy, Stephanie and Don for this wonderfully unique and entertaining interview!

Southern-fried Fiction said...

You two are a hoot! Loved the interview.

Steph said...

Thanks, Jude and Ane! I'm delighted with how Joy set up this post so that every day I featured something different ~ from silly to sober!

Mary Hawkins said...

So now I've finished reading all the blogs and this book's characters you have portrayed so brilliantly on them makes this a "must read book' for me. I've often wondered how husband and wife writing teams work and loved your sharing the way you do it. I certainly need my retired minister husband to help me at times with the best way to "show" the spiritual thread through my own books. Hugs to Don and Steph for their sharing.

Steph said...

G'day to you, Mary! (Our younger daughter married an Aussie and lives in Geelong.) So glad you enjoyed meeting our characters and ~ Ha! ~ saw what characters Don and I are! Hugs back!