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Day 2 ~ STRANDED ~ Character Interview ~ 2

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By Don and Stephanie Prichard

A Marine Corps reservist sets sail on an anniversary cruise with his wife but ends up shipwrecked and bereaved on an uninhabited jungle island where he must protect the lives of three other survivors, unaware that one of them is responsible for his wife’s death.

DAY TWO ~ November 12 ~ Interview with the Heroine ~ Eve:

AUTHOR: So Eve, what’s a nice gal like you doing stranded on a jungle island in the Philippines?

EVE: I feel awful about it. It’s my fault we’re here. My fault Jake’s wife is dead. My fault nineteen cruise passengers were heartlessly murdered.

AUTHOR: That’s a terrible burden to carry! Didn’t you save Crystal’s and Betty’s lives?

EVE: Yes, and they’ve become very precious to me. But I’m not telling them or Jake I’m a federal prosecutor. I don’t want them to figure out my part in what happened aboard the cruise ship.

AUTHOR: What will you do? Just sit around until you’re rescued?

EVE: Not at all. I’m doing everything I can to get off this island so I can prosecute the man I know is behind it all.

AUTHOR: What’s the holdup?

EVE: Jake. He insists on doing everything the Soldier Boy’s way. Hut-two-three-four, yes sir, no sir.

AUTHOR: Really, he’s that bad? Crystal and Betty seem to love him.

EVE: He’d be okay if he weren’t so cautious. It’s probably because he couldn’t save his wife, so he’s bound and determined to take every precaution possible to keep us safe.

AUTHOR: So what’s your plan?

EVE: I’ll take off on my own and send back help.

AUTHOR: You’re a brave woman, Eve. Blessings upon you in your endeavor.

EVE: Blessings? Pah! This world is full of evil. The only blessings will come from us humans, not from some God who does nothing about it.

AUTHOR: Oh dear, I can see relationships on this island will be cooked by more than the tropical heat. Be careful, dearie! 

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3 comments: said...

Steph and Don;
This has been a fun posting. Love that croc? He's perfect with the story you tell about him.


Steph said...

Croc is mighty cute, but his joy is to encompass you inside that toothy grin of his!

Mary Hawkins said...

I've just read Blog one and two and love the way you are introducing the two main characters. Sure makes me want to read their story. However, I did have a few problems working out how to leave a comment. I read the above ones here first but then decided to read more blogs before leaving my own. Unfortunately couldn't bring up the comment box again on them Eventually I checked my computer and it was because this comment box was still open! Dah! Now I'm going back to read the other blog posts. Congratulations, Joy, on a great promotion!