Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Hesitant Heiress ~ Book one of the Everstone Chronicles ~ By Dawn Crandall


                             Book One of the Everstone Chronicles

                                                         By Dawn Crandall

I was offered a chance to read this book for review and received a pre-pubbed copy. 
I promised Dawn I would give an honest review, and I also promised not to reveal the ending - I will tell you this much - it's worth the time to read the entire thing to get there.

I'm not a fan of FIRST PERSON point of view stories - USUALLY - but in the last eight months I've had the privilege of critiquing one book written in First Person POV and now I've also had the opportunity to read Dawn's about-to-be-released ~ The Hesitant Heiress ~ also written in First Person POV. . .It didn't take me long to realize I wasn't even aware of the TYPE of POV - but was totally engrossed in the story. Characters are consistent, true to the time period, and individualistic. Each has their own voice and is easily recognizable. The settings were very clear and if I were able to travel to each of the homes and cities/coastal areas described so artfully in Dawn's book, I'd recognize them easily by the way she's painted them with words.
Thank you, Dawn, for an enjoyable read. . .a promise of another in the near future, and the opportunity to share this with my followers.

 Having read THE HESITANT HEIRESS, I'm excited to be able to invite you all back here in August AFTER The Hesitant Heiress debuts (release date is AUGUST 1, 2014) and I'll be doing a full feature for Dawn.
Be sure to join us here - DATES To Be Announced - be watching for that.

When The Hesitant Heiress is released do NOT take too long to get yourself a copy. You will NOT be disappointed.


Dawn Crandall said...

Thank you for the spotlight, Joy!! I'm glad you mentioned that it took you by surprise that the book was written in first person--even after you'd begun!!! That's awesome!! :) Actually, I have a difficult time getting into some books written from first person as well!! But it's also my favorite when it's done well!! That's why I had to write it!! I needed more than the market offers--and this way it's so much more a part of me than just reading it! :D

journeystojoy.net said...

So glad you entrusted your book to me and my review(s). I truly am looking forward to the next book. Will they ALL be in FIRST PERSON POV? You did a very good job with this.

Dawn Crandall said...

Thanks, Joy! Yes, I write all my books from first person. The second one will be from Meredyth Summercourt's pov. Did you see the Prologue to the second book at the end of the ARC? The third book will be from Estella Everstone's pov. :)

R Merr said...

Totally, not so patiently LOL, looking forward to the next read! I'll be glad when I can have this one on my bookshelf! :)

journeystojoy.net said...

You and me both, R. Merr. Thanks for stopping by and for leaving a comment!

Come by again!

Lane Hill House said...

Joy, thanks for your promo. I want to know more about Amaryllis ~ what a brilliant naming for this main character. Inviting. Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House

journeystojoy.net said...

Good of you to stop by, Lane Hill House. This is a great book and the main character is aptly named.

Thanks for leaving a comment.