Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Pooch Needing A Name

Hello, Readers/Followers;
This is a post of a different type.

A dog in need of a name ~

My story takes place in the 1860's - my story family and their dog have traveled from the Philadelphia, area to a farmstead in southwest lower Michigan.

Leave a comment with the name you think I should use and I'll enter your name in the drawing for Monday ~ 
September 03, 2012 ~ LABOR DAY evening.

Become a follower, leave a comment with the name you think I should use and I'll enter your name TWICE in the drawing for Monday ~ September 03, 2012 ~ LABOR DAY evening.

Winners receive one of two Historical Romance Novel - of my choosing. Two opportunities to win. I will be choosing from TWO names that get drawn.

The dog you'll be trying to name is a Border Collie ~
Companion to my main character ~ Merribeth
Herder of cattle
Thinks he/she's a hunter of small game
Keeps the property secure

~ Have fun ~ 
Can't wait to see what you come up with ~ and who wins!


thereby - also choosing the gender


Luthian said...

I'd name him 'Tip'... but I just watched the BBC version of Little Dorrit, by Charles Dickens, so it's not hard to figure out where that came from.

Love ya, Joy!! said...

Thanks for the "tip" - will put TIP and you in the LABOR DAY DRAWING - thanks for the 'tip'.

David Bazzett said...

I named a similar dog in one of my WIPs, Rustler. said...

Hope you don't mind me adding "RUSTLER" to the drawing along with your name, David.
Thanks for stopping by!

Melissa Henson said...

Hi Joy! I just became a follower and I like the name "Mister Bark Lee" but he would go by "Barklee". My aunt had a Border Collie that looked just like the one in your picture and that was his name.
~Melissa said...

Hey there, Melissa;
Welcome to Journeys To Joy
You just got yourself and your suggested dog name entered TWICE for Monday - Labor Day's drawing -

So glad you've joined my readership!

Cathy Richmond said...

What a beautiful dog! Can you name him "Skip"? And can I win him - after you're done with the story of course! said...

Now, that's a thought, Cathy.
He's not mine to give away - we had one like him when I was a kid - won't tell the name until this contest is over - but he looked just like this beauty.

He was a really neat guy!

Thanks for stopping by -

connie said...

I'd name the dog Jackson because Andrew Jackson was a famous president not too many years before 1860. said...

Hi and welcome to my readership, Connie.
NOW - that's a thought. Will put you and Jackson into the drawing - be sure to keep stopping by.
Thanks for leaving a comment!

Jodie Wolfe said...

I'd name him Bandit. The photo reminds me of the dog on Little House on the Prairie. :)

Praying for you as you write.

Jodie Wolfe said...

Another name I'd not thought of or remembered.
Thanks, Jodie.
Stop by anytime I DO like your ideas. You're in the drawing with Bandit!

Unknown said...

I say Bell, after Alexander Grahm Bell who was famous at the time.

Unknown said...

Thane says Biscuit or Ringo (do we get two entries?)

Unknown said...

Ethan says Saddle or Sugar

Unknown said...

Caleb says Travy for Traveler and Cutie

Unknown said...

Oh, I liked Windy (our meteorologist has a dog named Windy.)

Unknown said...

Brody says Luke Skywalker hehehehe, but we talked more about it Lovely (city of Brotherly Love), and Spirit- or sprite? :) said...

I may HAVE to enter you guys twice - with that many names to throw in the hat.
Thanks for stopping by, ALL YOU WOODS' - appreciate the support!

Holly Wolfe said...

Orion is the 'mighty hunter' in the sky - a constellation that would have been in the sky as they traveled. :-)
Have fun with the book & the dog! said...

Thanks, Hol - you and Orion are in the drawing for a free historical romance book.
Sure glad you came by today!

Bonnie Engstrom said...

My husband provided this name (and he didn't read any of the others). He says Skipper. Hubby says he looks like a skipper.

Bonnie Engstrom said...

Oh, I forgot ~ Can we win the dog? said...

Nope - can't win the dog - he's/she's not mine to give away - seems you and others would like me to hold a drawing for him/her.
Thanks for submitting a name - and leaving your comment. Will put it with the rest, Bonnie. Tell you dh I've added it to the hat.

Anonymous said...

That's one smart breed you have there! So he deserves a stellar name like "Ferguson". Which comes from Philadelphia's Old Directory in 1890. I know that's later than your story but the name would have been older than the listing.
Happy Dog naming.

Laura said...

Now that's some great research you've done there, Laura. I appreciate the entry and you and Ferguson's names will go into the hat for free book.
We'll see which two names come out of that hat on Labor Day.
Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

John, because he was God's favorite apostle. said...

That's a neat entry - different.
But be sure to let me know who you are - I'll enter JOHN in the hat but the name can't read the book if you're the winner. ':D
Thanks for leaving a comment!

Great Lakes Romances said...

I'd name him Trotter because that's what herding dogs do, and they can trot all day.
Donna Winters

Sarah Grimm said...

Oh, I just HAD to join this discussion.


It's an English name and means enthusiasm and ardent which are things that scream Border collie.

Jan Wallace Reber said...

Hi, Joy,
I've read many of your posts, but just now joined (dogs get me every time). I'd name him/her "Wander," maby short for "Wanderlust." My experience with border collies is that they are always on the move, can't stand to stay in one place, gotta be going, going going.

Thanks for the contest!
Jan said...

Some more names to put in the hat!

Donna - Trotter is now in the hat

Sarah - Rhys/Reese is now in the hat

Jan - Wanderlust (Wander) is now in the hat - TWICE - thank you for stopping by ladies.

LOVE your submissions - glad dh is pulling the two names from the hat - whew -

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


I looked up synonyms for 'hunter' and got this one. GUNNER.
Hope you like it.

My husband's mom and dad raised border collies on their farm up in Rogers City, MI. The dogs LOVED herding the cows. Each one they had was named REX!
All Matt's dad had to do was say, "Rex, go get the cows." and Rex would take off and go get the job done.

Peggy said...

Thank you for adding to the mix.
I've added GUNNER to the hat.

I appreciate you taking time to stop and leave a comment. ')

Linda McQuinn Carlblom said...

Hi Joy, What a fun contest! I just became a follower and I suggest the name Juniper, Juny/Junie for short. Sounds like something a female might name her dog. Maybe there are a lot of juniper trees where she lives? I see there is also a juniper ground cover that grows in Philadelphia. Maybe he was found hiding in it and they took him in. :)

Peggy Blann Phifer said...

Just joined your follower list, Joy.

I have a Border Collie mix and he's in constant motion, when he's not sleeping. His name is Rocky. It's an effective name and gets his attention immediately, even when he's trying to herd cats. Two hard syllables.

So my suggestion is ROCKY. (I didn't see it already listed.)

Peg Phifer
peg [at] peggyblannphifer [dot] com said...


I'm putting JUNIPER into the hat TWICE - thank you for signing up to follow my blog, Linda.

thank you too for the name ROCKY -
I'm putting your name into the hat as well.

Some terrific names coming in - good thing we're choosing by drawing
even narrowing it down by having a finalist round. ':D
Border collies even herd cats?

TWO WINNERS! said...

Wow, Peg - I thought you were already a follower - I'm going to have to keep better track - shame on me. ':D


Peggy Blann Phifer said...

LOL, Joy, you could be right. I didn't see my picture pop up as a "newbie" so I'm probably already there.

(does that mean I get 3 entries? Just kidding, LOL) said...

Sorry, Peg.
Always trying to find the way to a free book? (my turn - just kidding) ':D

You were one of my very first followers - I'm indebted to you!


Peggy Blann Phifer said...

A cat? said...


BIGGER _ BIGGER _ Will be more than one to name - possibly three - probably!


How cool.
LINCOLN will go in the hat.
Drawing is Monday evening -LABOR DAY-

Next week I'll be posting a contest for naming some other animal(s) in my historical romance novel.


Rick Barry said...

Depending on the year in the 1860s, your heroine might have read about a famous soldier in the Union Army and named her dog "Ulysses." (General Grant was no dog, but he tried to protect the Union's borders. :)

Tiffany Amber Stockton said...

Hmm, at first I thought of "Nipper" since Border Collie's nip at cattle to keep them in line. :) But then I leaned more toward Nieka or Nieko. Philadelphia had a strong Dutch settlement in its origins, and those names are both Dutch. So, I'll go with those. I could come up with names all day. :)

Good luck with the writing, Joy! said...


I'd not thought of that one, myself.
ULYSSES is now in the hat!
Thanks for contributing to the cause -
Drawing is Monday evening- be watching for the announcement! said...

Hey there, Tiffany:

Glad you came by - with names in tow.

Nieka - Nieko - in the hat with the others -

I'm having a ball - there are some very interesting names coming in.

Thanks for the encouragement!
Right back at'cha, Tiff.

Can't wait to read your next one!

Anonymous said...

And the winner is....?