Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Chameleon By Jillian Kent - Book Review

CHAMELEON by Jillian Kent

                        I looked forward to reading CHAMELEON after having the privilege of reading Jillian Kent’s first book, SECRETS OF THE HEART.
                        Ms. Kent has written a story worth the read but I warn you, it’s going be the book you won’t be able to put down long enough to fix meals or go to bed.
                        CHAMELEON can be read as a stand-alone novel BUT I firmly recommend you read SECRETS OF THE HEART first. You won’t regret reading either one.
                        Jillian Kent has the ability to immerse one in the atmosphere of the day. Her knowledge of the era lends realism to the fiction of the story. She’s mastered techniques that put you into the characters heads and hearts.
                        The mystery of CHAMELEON surprised me. Foreshadowing is an art, Jilian Kent writes with expertise.
                        Reward yourself with CHAMELEON a real prize for your “keeper” shelves.

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Catherine Castle said...

I jsut finished Jillian's Chameleon and agree with everything you've said. The surprise ending will stun you. Great job, Jillian