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Sizzlin' Summer 2011 Book Reviews & Recommends

The Unexpected Bride
The Unexpected Bride by Debra Ullrick

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Unexpected Bride is a good read - I plan to keep it for my daughter and granddaughters to read.
I've enjoyed MS Ullrick's books - especially the lighthearted previous books she's written.
TUB - is terrific in its plot - fun in the telling when one brother sets up an embittered sibling by providing what should have been ONE bride but turns out to be several.
Fun, thought-provoking for me and I believe, in my limited knowledge, it to be historically correct.
MS. Ullrick is an author to follow - she's got a talent for bringing out the best in her characters.
After reading this book - THE UNEXPECTED BRIDE - you'll really want to look up her other books. Debra crosses genre lines and does it quite successfully!



      WE'RE NOT BLENDED WE'RE PUREED   by Diana Lesire Brandmeyer
                         A Survivor's Guide to Blended Families
My rating:    5 of 5 stars                    

 We're Not Blended We're Pureed, is a must-read for those who are RE-married (via divorce or widowhood) with his/hers/ and maybe added 'theirs' to the mix. This can be a sensitive issue but MS. Brandmeyer handles it with finesse' and speaks from experience. She takes us into her world of normal struggles and joys from widow-hood to remarriage with children, she shares from her heart and a wealth of 'experiential expertise'. Lesire Brandmeyer has a wit that keeps the book from being a technical manual and in an amazing way has told her story by keeping it 'real'. Who needs embellishment or fiction when they have real- life in blended families?

Marty C. Lintvedt who has put the finishing touches on each chapter - uses her well-honed  mental health training, and at times, her own personal history. 

MS. Brandmeyer takes us into her world at the beginning of each chapter and then MS. Lintvedt follows up in the second part with a response in the clinical and more technical information.

Both women manage to provide practical suggestions and resources to help blended families transition into a well-rounded and happy units.

It was my personal observation that although this is a tough issue to address and could have been touchy for Diana and Marty to discuss, it was handled in such a way that a reader comes away with some extremely important knowledge as well as having found they are pretty normal in the things they face while going through the process of bringing two families together to make it one unified group. With an honest - sometimes - humorous approach, this book leaves one ready to tackle the next issue their family faces.


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  1. Good reviews on two books I didn't know about. Thank you for sharing. Blessings for success to both authors, BJ

  2. Fantastic review, Joy! Thanks for some great summer reading suggestions! You blog looks beautiful!

  3. This is a first - only two have entered the Joy-filled drawing - Dear Hubby drew the name a few days(evenings) later than normal, hoping I'd get more comments to draw from.
    So, B.J. you are the winner of Diana Brandmeyer's new book>
    We're Not Blended, We're PUREED - and I'll need your snail mail address to be able to send it to you. If this book is not of interest or you do not know of a family who will benefit from Diana's great insight - PLEASE - write me at joyjournaling@gmail.com and we'll make other arrangements.

    Thank you and welcome to the blog - a very sporadic blog this summer - for that I apologize to each of my followers!

  4. Hi Joy! I missed the give-away due to summer vacation, but wanted to stop by and tell you how much I enjoy your site and all the reviews you do. You've led me to many a new book:) Because of that, I gave you the Liebster Award today. I hope more people find your blog!

  5. Hi, I'm a new follower. I found you through Susan's blog "Steps" I enjoyed reading through some of your reviews. Feel free to come by my blog and visit...

    Cathy :)


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