Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Joy's Joy~Ful Journaling's Spring~Blog~Fest Is Featuring ~TRISH PERRY~

Joy's really outdone herself, you know it?
What makes you say that?

Look who's come to be interviewed this week.
Yeah, so? It's just another author.

JUST ANOTHER AUTHOR? Bytes to Gigabytes! Haven't you heard who's consented to be here?

It's Trish Perry - don't you remember those other Harvest House books Joy's had filling her book shelves - you know those books that come and Jerry says, 'You bought another one of those books, Joy?!
Oh, yeah. You're right, I remember her now. Is she bringing another one?

She sure is but, hey, did you know she's written for other publishers too?

Like who?
Summerside Press, for one.

Reeaally? Is she bringing those along with Tea For Two?
No, but she may come back if we treat her right. Oh, here she comes - now act natural.
RIGHT! I'm not the one going nut-so over Trish Perry - okay, okay - right. Don't wrinkle the keyboard. I'll behave.

Well, hello to all my great readers/followers. I don't know if you've heard or not but I've been very privileged to include Trish Perry and her newest release, 'Tea For Two' - it's the second novel in the "TEA WITH MILLICENT" series and it follows the first book entitled, 'The Perfect Blend'

Hi there, Trish
welcome to Joy's Joy~Ful Journaling. It's great to have you joining us for the Spring~Blog~Fest.

Rather than just jumping right in with the inquisition I'd like to introduce you to
my readers/followers with the short bio you've shared with me.

Award-winning novelist Trish Perry has written Unforgettable (Summerside Press 2011), Tea For Two (Harvest House 2011), The Perfect Blend(2011), Sunset Beach (2009), Beach Dreams (2008), Too Good To Be True (2007), and The Guy I'm Not Dating (2006) all from Harvest House Publishers.
She teamed with four other notable au
thors in writing the 2011 Summerside Press devotionals Delight Yourself in the Lord (Even on Bad Hair Days) and God's Grace is Sufficient (But Decaf's NOT).
Trish's monthly column, "Real Life is Stranger", appeared in Christian Fiction Online Magazine during its inaugural year. She was editor of Ink and the Spirit, the newsletter of Washington D.C.'s Capital Christian Writers organization (CCW), for seven years.
Before her novels, Perry published numerous short stories, essays, devotionals, and poetry in Christian and general market media.

Perry holds a B.A. in Psychology, was a 1980's stockbroker, and held positions at the Securities and Exchange Commission and in several Washington law firms.
She serves on the board of Directors of CCW adn is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers and Romance Writers of America. She invites you to visit her at: www.trishperry.com

As a multi-talented business woman what prompted you to write?
I began seriously writing novels in the early 1990's. For a few years before that I wrote smaller things, such as poems, p
ersonal essays, and devotions.

When I started writing novels, I wrote a
supernatural novel, simply because that's what the Lord put on my heart. But I didn't start publishing until I wrote my next novel, which was romantic comedy. Now all of my novels are romantic, with humor laced throughout.

I started the Tea With Millicent series at the suggestion of my editor at Harvest House. We decided to create a series involving different main characters in each book but with Millicent's Tea Shop as a setting that tied them all together.
Tea For Two is the second in the series, and Milly Jewell is back again, dispensing yummy pastries, cozy tea, and learned advice.

Tell us more about Trish Perry, the person.
Trish Perry is my real name.

With your degree, your many, many life experiences and all the fantastic writing you've done, how
old are you?
I am single but have two children and one grandchild. I do love dogs but don't have any at the moment. What is your personal favorite reading material, Trish? Definitely novels, but I bounce from one genre to another. I like everything, both inspirational and mainstream, except maybe horror.

Do you enjoy other hobbies or have oth
er interests?
I love watching and discussing films. I enjoy singing, and used to sing on my church's worship team until my schedule got in the way. I'm currently writing full-time. I'm training to do courtroom reporting, which will fit in well with my writing schedule, I think.
Both endeavors involve a good deal of work at home, and they both allow me to call my own hours.

What ONE thing do you want most out of l
I pray every day that the Lord will guide me to do what He has set before me to do. The one thing I want most out of lif
e is to serve Him as He intends. Right now that seems to be through writing, but I'm always listening and watching, in case He wants to guide me elsewhere.

What goals have you set?
Personal goal: To live a healthy life tha
t always involves time with my friends and family.
Writing goal: To accept every opportunity the Lord puts before me, trusting that He'll give me the time to meet deadlines and the wherewithal to be financially sound.
Spiritual goal:To follow Him always and make Him proud of how I use the time He's given me.

How can people learn more about you and your books, Trish?
They can find me on facebook: Trish Hawley Perry
Or they can go to my website (my blog is there as well): http://www.trishperry.com
Or they can find me at twitter: TrishPerr
y Writr

I'm always happy to hear from my readers. There's a contact page on my site, through which readers can send me emails.

Wow, Trish, our time is spent and it seems we just got started. I appreciated the fact you were so willing to share about you
r life. It's been a blessing getting to know you beyond the many books of yours I've read.

I was thrilled to be able to feature Trish and Tea For Two as one of my favorite hobbies is collecting 'tea-ing' paraphernalia; Unique-to-me pots, antique cups, tea bag holders, etc.
My grandchildren have each been taught how to properly host and/or attend a formal or informal tea party (using recipes and hints from Emilie Barnes) - I've collected several of her books too. ;) So, this series holds a special place in my heart and life. When Milly, serves her shortbread cookies and other treats and offers the main character the lemon . . . let's just say, she had my own mouth watering - I had the Earl Grey but would have had to quit working/writing to bake the other goodies - oh my. . . You're gonna love this book - but be sure to get the entire series!

Trish has been kind enough to share openly and I have taken it upon myself to add the cover of her book - TEA FOR TWO - with a personal touch of my own. I've included the blurb from the back of the book.

Counselor Tina Milano has been visiting Millicent's Tea Shop regularly for the past several months. When Milly asks Tina if she can help a friend who needs a little advice with his children, she is eager to be of service. Tina feels God has blessed her in her career, and she loves s
erving the youth group at her church. but she has no idea the "friend" is the handsome farmer who provides Milly's tea shop with fresh fruits and vegetables.
Zack Cooper is a single parent, doing his best to raise his teenage son and daughter on his own while taking care of a busy farm. When the kids get into minor scrapes with the law, Milly gently encourages Zack to give Tina a call before the teens land in even hotter water. At first Tina and Zack see the relationship in only a professional capacity, but soon everyone around them notices the luscious scent of romance in the air and decides to help things along.


Be sure to pick up your copy today and have a cup of Earl Grey or even a cup of English Breakfast Tea to enjoy with it.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

SPRING~BLOG~FEST - Continues with visitor PENNY ZELLER - Stopping in on her current Blog Tour

Hello, dear readers and followers of Joy's Joy~Ful Journaling!
She made it ~ She's here ~ and yes, She brought Kaydie with her! What a morning this has been, but gracious, loving, Penny - my dear friend - has given me such encouragement, made the morning sing with some laughter after the tears!
Give a huge JOY~ FILLED welcome to Penny A. Zeller - multi~talented and multi~published author:


Thank you for stopping by on your busy blog tour ~ thank you for bringing Kaydie with you!
How about a brief bio to introduce you better than I can?

Author Penny Zeller is the author of several books and numerous magazine articles in national and regional publications. She is also the author of the humor blog

She is an active volunteer in her community, serving as a women's Bible study small-group leader and co-organizing a women's prayer group. Penny devotes her time to assisting and nurturing women and children into a closer relationship with Christ. Her passion is to use the gift of the written word that God has given her to glorify Him and to benefit His kingdom. Kaydie follows McKenzie in Montana Skies, her first series with Whitaker House. When she's not writing, Penny enjoys spending her time with her family and camping, hiking, canoeing, and playing volleyball. She and her husband, Lon, reside in Wyoming with their two children. Penny loves to hear from her readers at her website, http://www.pennyzeller.com/

Joy, Thank you so much for allowing me to be a guest on your blog.
I'd like to ask you some questions about you, your writing and of course, your latest release ~ Kaydie ~

What type of work did you do before you were a writer?
I have worked in the past in a branch of social services as a counselor. I have also worked as a legal assistant, bank teller, retail clerk, aerobics instructor, bookkeeper and administrative assistant. My favorite jobs of all are being a wife to my husband Lon and a mom to our two children. I love being a writer and I feel blessed and humbled that God has called me to write.

What writing goal have you set for yourself that would be the most rewarding to achieve?
My ultimate goal is that a reader's life would be impacted for Christ through one of my books.

What lessons have you learned through the publication process that you wouldn't have guessed as a pre-published writer?
That the hardest work comes after the book is published.

Any funny family stories about living with a writer?
Actually, yes! One evening, I sat perched on the staircase in our house, watching for my husband, Lon, to come home from work. He was scarcely through the front door when I began tugging on his arm.

"Is everything ok, Pen?" he asked me. After 18 yeas of marriage, he knows about my exuberant, creative, and at times, far-fetched personality.

"Yes, yes, it's fine. I can't wait for you to meet Lucille Granger!"

"What? Lucille Granger?" Lon looked at me. "Do we have company?"

I shook my head and laughed while leading Lon up the stairs and into my office. When he saw me point for him to sit in the blue, "guest" chair in the office, he nodded his head knowingly. He'd been in the blue "guest" chair many times before. Yep, it was making sense to him now - Lucille Granger wasn't someone visiting for dinner. She was secondary character in all three books in my Montana Skies Series!

Oh, that is a memory for the archives. I don't have a "guest" chair in my library/office. I'd be tempted to use it instead of working at my desk. ;) So tell us, Penny, If someone gave you $5,000 to spend on anything you wanted, what would you buy? (No saving or gifts to charities allowed!)

No charities, savings or gifts? What about paying bills? *grins* Wow! That's a hard question. Hmmmm. . . I would take my family on a vacation or buy my husband flying lessons, since it's always been a dream of his to learn how to fly. And if there's any money leftover, I'd probably buy a cute new outfit since I love clothes!

Okay, here's a different subject ~ What is your favorite verse in the Bible?
I have two: Psalm 19:14 and Psalm 91

What event in the Bible would you like to be at? It can be in the past or in the future.
That's a great question, Joy! I can't narrow it down to one event. I would say that it would have to be a three-way tie between the days of Creation, Jesus' birth, and the Transfiguration.

Penny, your most recent release is a historical fiction romance, titled Kaydie. Do you write novels exclusively?
No, I have also written two nonfiction books and a children's picture book. However, historical romance is my favorite genre to write. :D

Kaydie was released just this month and is Book 2 in your Montana Skies Series. Can you please give us a brief synopsis?
I am thrilled about the release of Kaydie. A short synopsis is as follows: Since the death of her abusive husband, Kaydie Kramer's life has been easier but she's wary of men and builds a wall of protection around her, staying with her sister McKenzie as she awaits the birth of her baby. Haunted by her painful marriage, Kaydie is determined never to fall in love again, and it will take the grace of God to change her mind-the same grace that works in the heart of ranch hand, Jonah Dickenson, a confirmed bachelor who has unhealed wounds of his own to overcome. Cindy Sproles produced a fantastic book trailer for Kaydie, which can be viewed at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vwihs6rsqDk

Where can readers purchase a copy of Kaydie?
Kaydie is available everywhere books are sold, including Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/Kaydie-Montana-Skies-Penny-Zeller/dp/1603742174/ref=pd_sim_b_1

What do you hope your readers will get out of the story?
Writing is my ministry and I hope my readers will get from Kaydie - and all of my novels - the power of God's love, redemption, hope, and forgiveness. And that God can and does change hearts.

Penny, what's up next for your readers?
I just finished the third and final book in the series, Hailee, which is scheduled for release in September. I'm also working on a second historical romance series that takes place in the Post-Civil War Era. I recently finished book one in the series and have started writing book two.

Where can fans find you on the internet?
I love to connect with my readers at my website:

my blog:



Any parting comments before you leave us for your next stop?
First, I would like to again thank you, Joy, for having me as a guest.

Second, I would like to let everyone know that my official blog tour for Kaydie is from April 1 - May 15. I will have all the details (including a chance to win Hailee, the third book in the series) on my FB author page, so be sure to stop by!

Hear that, Penny?
It's the beating of the fingers against keys on the computer keyboards as our readers rush to get that chance!

It has been my sincere pleasure to have been invited by Penny to guest on her own blog this month and to have had the privilege of becoming an influencer and reviewer for Kaydie and Lord willing, I might get another opportunity to promote

Penny Zeller's work. She is a fine Christian first, great mother two those precious little ones and of course, a wonderful wife but you know, God put some very nice talent in that little package called Penny and has allowed her to write for Him as well. May God bless you, Penny as you continue to serve Him with your written words and your very real heart of love for the souls of others.

I need to apologize here to Penny and to my readers.
This post was to have published by 6AM on April 19th.

Due to problems with picture uploading (not sure why)

I am so sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you, my faithful readers.
It also appears that the spacing refuses to be saved as I planned and the colors have been changing as well. It would be interesting if it wasn't so ANNOYING!