Friday, May 28, 2010


It's that time again. We have a wonderful opportunity as AMERICANS, CHRISTIANS and most of all COMPASSIONATE HUMAN BEINGS to celebrate and remember those who have served or are serving in our Armed Forces; those men and women of Valor, Spirit and Dedication who desire to keep AMERICA FREE.

AMERICA has had millions of men and women who have placed their personal safety in the hands of their brothers and sisters during war-time. They have chosen a path that gives them purpose, direction and honor.

Granted, not every service person who has enlisted plans to go to war, but the other night on the news I was amazed at the number of men and women choosing to put their life on the line to keep FREEDOM possible for AMERICANS and those who believe in democracy.

I want to personally thank my brothers, Vernon and James for their choice to serve. MY brother Vern went to Germany to drive transport for the Army and Jim, also in the Army, went to Viet Nam. My nephew, Jason (Vern's only son) went into the Army before Desert Storm. He was stationed in Germany like his father before him. Although he was to be discharged and was planning for his upcoming trip home a call came through for volunteers, he was one of the very first to say, "I'll go. Where do I sign?"
I am so proud to know I have family members who are/were willing to die for our hard-fought-for freedoms.

For those of you who have served, are serving, who have family members in those categories, or who have paid the ultimate price, it is with deep gratitude and a huge 'Thank you' from the bottom of my Joy-Filled heart!

Joyfully enJoying the freedoms others have earned for me,
Joy Avery Melville


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful blog, Joy. I appreciate your reminding us to thank those who have served. I'm seeing my father-in-law in a few hours, and he was in the navy in WWII. I'll give him an extra special hug tonight.

Barbara Lynn Culler said...

Nice blog, Joy! Good job!

Penny Zeller said...

Beautiful post, Joy. I, too, am appreciative of all who serve our country.